Financial Support

Money to help support CD Students is available from sources both inside and outside the SPED/CD Department. The NMSU Financial Aid Office can give you information regarding money that is currently available to support students across the campus. The University administers an extensive program of loans and part-time employment. You may stop by the Financial Aid Office in the Educational Services Building beside the Pan American Center. Students who are in the Graduate Leveling Program and are receiving financial assistance should talk with their Academic Advisors about special conditions involving financial aid.

Most awards take the form of either Scholarships (i.e., a grant based on meeting certain specific qualifications, and requiring no work from the recipient), Fellowships (i.e., a grant based on meeting certain specific qualifications, and requiring some work from the recipient), or Graduate Assistantships (i.e., these do require a specified number of hours of work each week). In addition, you can apply for a work-study job that may be available somewhere on the NMSU campus. A work-study job will be like any other you might obtain outside the University, except the accommodations to your study schedule are usually easier to arrange.

A list of the funding sources available to CD Students within the SPED/CD Department is described below. Since this money usually comes from sources outside the University, such funding may not be a permanent fixture and may be available on an annual or semester basis only. To apply for any of these types of financial assistance, the CD Program requires that you write a letter specifying the type of assistance you are interested in. The letter should be written during your first semester on campus, and given to the CD Program Director. This letter will qualify you to be considered for funding, but won’t guarantee that you will be selected. Selection guidelines are stated in the descriptions that follow:

  1. SPED/CD Graduate Assistantship (GA): may be full-time (20-hours/week) or part-time (e.g. 10-hours/week). Current funding rates are listed in the annual Graduate Bulletin. Students who apply for a Graduate Assistantship will be considered for an award if they meet the eligibility criteria of: (a) completed registration and/or acceptance by the Graduate School and Department, (b) classification as a “regular” graduate student (or GRE aptitude scores above a point to be designated by the Graduate Dean), and (c) a continuing 3.0 GPA in all graduate work. Various grant funding for GAs is available and requirements will depend upon current grants in progress in the CD Program.
  2. Scholarships available through the College of Education (CoE): Scholarships awarded to graduate students by the College of Education must be applied through the College of Education located in O’Donnell Hall. Deadline for these applications is March 1, in order to receive funds for the following year. A listing of all available scholarships will be available in the CoE office, along with the appropriate application forms.