Bilingual Program

The Bilingual Program in Communication Disorders is designed to provide bilingual students with additional expertise in the areas of bilingual assessment and intervention. It consists of three additional courses, offered through a collaboration with University of New Mexico (UNM). The courses are offered either online or hybrid-online. Two are taught through NMSU ( CD 591, Spanish Linguistics for Educators, and CD 548 Bilingual Assessment for Practitioners) and one through UNM (SHS 539 Second Language Acquisition). In addition, students who are in the bilingual program will have a minimum of 100 hours of the 400 clock hours working with a client who is not a native speaker of English. (Speakers of languages other than Spanish will be required to take an alternative course to the SPAN 599.)

Applying to the Bilingual Program

Students must apply to the Bilingual Program at the time they apply to the graduate program. In the letter of application to the program, applicants should indicate if they are also interested in applying for the bilingual program. Students must first be accepted into general Communication Disorders program, before being accepted into the bilingual program.

During the first semester of graduate school, students will be informed of the next steps, which include taking a language proficiency examination. Applicants will be asked to demonstrate oral language proficiency in the language by receiving a minimum of “Intermediate High” on an Oral Proficiency Index (OPI) as specified by the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages (ACTFFL). This test, which is administered independently of the university, has a fee and is administered through the Language Testing International (LTI). All information, including fees and scheduling for the language testing can be found at

It is not necessary to have completed the OPI when applying to the general communication disorders program. However, if the primary reason for applying to NMSU is to attend the bilingual program, then it is recommended students complete the OPI before deciding whether to accept the invitation to attend NMSU. All students who are accepted into the general communication disorders program who also receive a minimum of “Intermediate High” on the OPI will be accepted into the bilingual program.

Bilingual Program (Traditional)

Bilingual Program (63-66 graduate credits)
The Traditional Program is designed to be completed in 2 years.

Bilingual program (Traditional Plus) (69 graduate credits)
The Traditional Plus (+) Program is designed so that the academic coursework can be completed in the same sequence within 2 years (as in the Traditional Program) but allows for additional term(s) to complete the 400 clock hours of clinical practice (e.g., the summer sessions following completion of the academic coursework).