Traditional Program

Communication Disorders Graduate Program

Traditional Program (54-57 Credits)
The Traditional Program is designed to be completed in 2 years. We have a base of 54 credits.  If you do a thesis option instead of taking a final comprehensive project option you will take no less than 4 and no more than t credits for the thesis. We are working towards offering some elective courses that you may take in the first 3 semester as an option.  The final semester will include a clinical externship site which can be done at an affiliated site which can include a site that is in a different state if you choose.  We are making new affiliations every day.

Traditional Plus Program (54-57Credits)
The Traditional Plus (+) Program is designed so that the academic coursework can be completed in the same sequence within 2 years (as in the Traditional Program) but allows for additional term(s) to complete the 400 clock hours of clinical practice (e.g., the summer sessions following completion of the academic coursework). Sometimes students are working towards completing their practicum hours or they have to prolong their program.  The decision to do a longer program is made with your advisor on an individual basis.

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