Community Service

Cards for Raul

Cards for Raul is a bi-weekly community service event. Raul Madrid is a 53-year old man who has a diagnosis of cerebral palsy with quadriplegia. Although he is unable to talk, he understands everything said to him.  He communicates with a voice output communication device activated with his elbows.  He uses his right foot to answer questions: foot up is “yes” and foot down is “no”.  Raul is very social; he loves people and is a friend to everyone.  With the assistance of NSSLHA members, he paints using a specially adapted paintbrush for his toes.  With his special eye for color and design, he makes cards for the enjoyment of others.  Raul’s signature is visible on the back of the card, which is his trademark for his art business, Toe-Mark Productions.  With the money made from card sales, Raul’s speech therapist, Jennifer Burk, will engineer his home so he can communicate better and turn on his television, radio and other appliances.

If you would like to purchase Raul’s beautiful cards OR make a donation, visit our Paypal link. Cards are $10 per box. 100% of profits support Raul Madrid.

Raul's Cards

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If you would like more information about the Cards for Raul community service event, contact Vice President of Activities Sydne Shoup.

Desert Peaks

Desert Peaks is a bi-weekly community service event held at the Desert Peaks Assisted Living Community in Las Cruces, NM. Our members visit with the residents, play games, strike up conversation, and provide companionship. This activity gives members valuable experience and is very dear to members and residents alike. This is one of our regular and major community service activities and many great relationships have been formed throughout the experience.

Desert Peaks community


If you would like more information about the Desert Peaks community service event, contact Treasurer Amanda Lamberti.

“The Big Event” and “Keep State Great”

nsslha group shotNSSLHA regularly participates in these two community service events, provided by the Associated Students of New Mexico State University. “The Big Event” is an annual off-campus project that says thank you to the community of Las Cruces for all that they do for NMSU. Every spring, students, alumni, faculty and staff commit their time to beautify the city Las Cruces. “Keep State Great” is an annual on-campus community service event that takes place in the fall, the week before Homecoming. Students, alumni, faculty and staff commit their time to beautify the NMSU Campus. Projects include cleaning, painting, and picking up trash on the NMSU campus. Keep State Great is a great time to celebrate what being an Aggie is about, and to take pride in the NMSU campus.



Keep State Great  picking up trash

Cruceno Cleanup

Cruceno Cleanup is an organization in Las Cruces dedicated to picking up trash around the town year-round. They are made up of numerous individuals and organizations. NSSLHA has provided assistance throughout the year.