Fundraising and Outreach


In order to create fun events, access the best resources for students, and travel to educational conferences like the NMSHA and ASHA conventions, NSSLHA must host multiple fundraisers throughout the year. These events are successful, fun ways to raise the money needed for the school year.

  • Raffles
  • Restaurant Percentage Nights
  • Car Washes


  • Bake Sales


Throughout the year, NSSLHA hosts and/or joins other organizations like Meca Therapies and the NMSU Department of Communication Disorders to create outreach programs and projects. These include community welfare events, student education and awareness, and recreational activities.

Christmas Elves Event with Meca Therapies

Project Back-2-School with Meca Therapies

Better Speech and Hearing Month

AggieFest Information Table


Volleyball Tournament with Meca Therapies


Back to School Picnic with the Professors


Annual NMSU NSSLHA Banquet

Audiological Awareness Month