Applying to Graduate School

Applying to Grad School_NSSHLA 2015 NMSU NSSLHA would like to thank guest faculty presenters, who have prepared presentations with valuable information and resources regarding graduate school application. Our presenters are Dr. Alfred Valdez, Dr. Aishah Patterson, Dr. Lehnert-LeHouillier, and Dr. Linda Spencer. It is never too soon to begin planning for your graduate school application plan, so use these resources to help make the process as smooth as possible!

Choosing Your Recommender, Requesting Letters, Packets and Personal Statements

Dr. Alfred Valdez and Dr. Lehnert-LeHouillier provided information about deciding who to ask for a recommendation, what to give to your recommenders (a packet of information) and what to put in a personal statement.  See their handouts below.

Checklist, Cover Letter, Release for GPA, and Outline of Deadlines

Applying to Grad School_NSSHLA 2015

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Release of Information

There are some cases in which students must give permission for anyone to discuss their academic performance (i.e., GPA, grades obtained in courses), including their recommender.  Please speak to your recommenders about filling out a FERPA form.  Below is a sample of a release which indicates your recommender may speak about your academic history; it also includes information regarding your right of access.

Sample Release Letter

Presented by Dr. Spencer

More Graduate School Resources

Tips about Interviews and Decision-making for Grad School

Ed Find

Ed FindEd Find is an invaluable tool during the graduate program decision making process. Use Ed Find to search for an academic program that meets your needs within the communication disorders discipline. Find information on accreditation, areas of research, admissions, enrollment, statistics, and contact information.

There are over 300 institutions offering degree programs in audiology, speech language pathology, and speech language hearing sciences available on Ed Find. The information in Ed Find comes directly from the data submitted by academic programs in the CSD Education Survey.

To access more resources, check out our page Resources and Links.